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Join us for AET's 2020 President's Circle Campaign! 

AET relies on your donations to continue our mission, in particular this year with unexpected impacts to our revenue. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to help, we hope that you will assist us this year and donate to the Association of Educational Therapists during our annual President’s Campaign.

Why I give"Many of us are not yet where we were financially before this crisis began, but if you are able, please donate. For me it has, and has always been worth it." - AET Member

"Today I donate with greater appreciation for the organization. 2020 has been quite the year and many of us have had to pivot drastically to maintain our practices. I found great value in how this organization came together to support one another during this time." - AET Member
"I am incredibly grateful for this community and never more glad to be one of you all! This is why I have donated so much of my time to AET since March." -AET Member

You can help

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Especially during these challenging times.
We sincerely appreciate your support and commitment
to our goals and, of course, to our AET community.

Donors who contribute at the level of Advocate or
above will be recognized on the AET website and
invited to participate in events that acknowledge
their generous support.


2020 Donors



Sandra Mosk
Lori Dver
Kaye Ragland
Alice Pulliam


Ellen Opell
Jacqueline Olivier


Dorothy Ungerleider


Marion Marshall
Mary Beth Burns
Phyllis Maslow
Marci Peterson
Polly Brophy
Andrew Fogelson
Mariam Herrmann
Carrie Messina
Donna Smith
Allan Hauskens
Nan Freund ~ In honor of Susan Grama
Daniel Franklin
Caitlin Welsh
Gaye Pettibone
Barbara Paternoster ~ In honor of Nan Freund & Judy Brennan
Michelle Ross


Julie Land ~ In honor of Susan Fogelson
Julie Land ~ In honor of Marcy Dann
Pamm Scribner
Lisa Brackin
Kaini Gu
Teresa O'Rourke-Shapiro ~ In honor of Nan Freund
Sherry Cramer
Polly Mayer
Rachel Kalin
Patricia O'Connor ~ In honor of Kara Scanlon
Natalia Zuppardi
Wilma Scott
Terese Burk
Kara Scanlon
Sandra Clifton
Janet Venable
Linda Modica
Irene Parra
Tina Crescenzo
Mary Marthe
Cynthia Peters
Maralyn Soifer
Marcy Dann
Pamm Scribner
Tiffany Nielsen
Nancy White
Kerstin Goldsmith
Susan Gonzales
Ann Bussard
Angela Muonio
Cynthia Miner Kapelke
Deborah Doyle
Wendy Lamoreaux
Dona Durham
Paige Hendricks
Sally Morrison
Janel Umfress
Nancy Melrose
Louise deBlanc
Patricia Harries
Maria Cecilia Buckley

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Your contribution makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
*Contributions made to AET are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
AET's federal tax I.D. is 95-3371119