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Earning Continuing Education Credits


Effective January 1, 2023

Members of AET at the Associate ET, ET/P, and BCET levels must accumulate and report ten clock hours of continuing
education (CE hours) during the 12 months preceding their member renewal date and attest to completion of
CE requirements when they submit their renewal dues. Associate ET and professional-level members must retain their
own documentation of completed qualifying activities. Members may record their activities on the CE log accessible
on the members-only portion of the AET website. Use of the log is voluntary.

Qualifying Continuing Education Activities in Brief

• Area 1 – Attendance at a minimum of five hours of AET-sponsored professional development events or activities
• Area 2 – Participation in an AET Ethics Workshop every three years
• Area 3 – Supervision of an associate member working toward the ET/P level of membership or supervision of a student member in an
                   AET-approved training program
• Area 4 – Attendance at a non-AET professional development event. The experience must enhance the member’s knowledge of content relevant
                  to the practice of educational therapy.

Contact the continuing education subcommittee chair This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions concerning the suitability of a specific activity, event, or course. 

Compliance with CE requirements will be established through an audit of randomly selected members. Members chosen for audit will be notified 30 days following their membership renewal date (or sooner) and asked to provide documentation of participation (see list below) for the activities attended during the 12 months prior to renewal. The deadline for submitting requested documentation is 30 days following the date of audit notification.

Submission of the requested CE activity attendance documentation is mandatory. An individual’s membership level will convert to General Membership until compliance with CE requirements is established.

Area 1 – AET-sponsored Event or Activity
Minimum five hours every year

Conferences, workshops, and webinars (live or archived). Attendance may be live (synchronous) or on-demand (asynchronous); Study group meetings attended live or on-demand; Professional journal or book discussion groups attended live

Area 2 – Ethics and Ethical Decision-Making
Three hours every three years
AET Ethics Workshop (live or archived)
Area 3 – Supervision Formal supervision of a student in an AET-approved training program or an associate member working toward ET/P membership
Area 4 – Non-AET sponsored professional development event that enhances the member’s knowledge of content relevant to the practice of educational therapy. Conference, workshop, webinar, course, or another event with content related to service delivery (screening, assessment, or intervention), case management, practice management, ethical decision-making, supervision, or pedagogy in literacy, math, or other academic content.
Total CE Hours = 10 per year Members must report a minimum of five hours in Area 1. The additional five hours required may accrue in Area 1 or any of the other three areas described above. The ethics workshop is not included in Area 1 content and is applied separately to the total.

Acceptable Forms of Documentation (provide one of the following for each activity):

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Attendance tracking document

  • Letter of attendance from course sponsor

  • Registration form or payment receipt

  • Notes recorded by the attendee, a summary, or a statement of implementation (how the content applies to the attendee’s professional practice)

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