Keynote Address
Special Education Law for Educational Therapists

Presented by: Pete Wright, Esq.

All About Tests and Assessments
Presented by: Pete Wright, Esq.

Can Kids Be Gifted if They Have a Learning Disability?
Supporting Twice-Exceptional Children and Adults

Presented by: Cindy Hansen, MEd, ET/P; Susan Baum, PhD; Holly Kincaid, EdD; Patricia Kimathi, EdD, ET/P

Memory Strategies That Enhance Executive Functioning Skills
Presented by: Regina G. Richards, MA, BCET

Saturday Sessions - 11/6/2021

A Multidimensional Approach to Improving Self-Regulation and Academic Skills of a Child Diagnosed with ADHD
Presented by: George McCloskey, PhD

Austism Spectrum Disorder:
Current Research and Implications for Educational Interventions

Presented by: Fred Volkmar, MD

Shall We Play a Game?
Engaging Reluctant Learners through Gamifications and Game-Based Learning Activities

Presented by: Bonnie Massimino, MEd, BCET

Branching Out on My Own:
A Journey into Private Practice Amidst the Pandemic

Presented by: Sam Tolkin

How to Foster Executive Functioning at School and at Home
Presented by: Sean McCormick, MEd

Educational Therapists as Social Justice Advocates:
Using Neurodiversity to Create Socially Just Schools

Presented by: Bibi Pirayesh, EdD & Sharmilla Roy, PhD

The Susan Fogelson Ethics Panel
Facilitator: Judy Brennan, MEd, BCET, FAET
Panelists: Daniel Franklin, PhD, BCET; Orli Lahav, MA, BCET; Wendy Lamoreaux, MEd, BCET; and Stacy Rotter, MA, BCET