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Friday Sessions - 11/4/2022

Keynote Address: Separating Fact From Fiction: A Comprehensive Look at Current Research on ADHD
Presented by: Stephen Hinshaw, PhD

Scope of Practice in the COVID Era: Appropriately Addressing Students' Post-Trauma Needs
Presented by: Kaye Ragland, EdD, LMFT, BCET, FAET

The Case of Maya: What is Engagement? Can Engagement Actually Improve Learning?
Presented by: Marion Marshall, MS, BCET, FAET

Cultivating Connection: Social/Emotional Learning During Educational Therapy Sessions
Presented by: Polly Mayer, MEd, ET/P

Empowering Neurodivergent Learners by Helping Them Understand Their Uniquely Wired Brains
Presented by: Liz Angoff, PhD, LEP

Shall We Play a Game? Engaging Reluctant Learners Through Gamification and Game-Based Learning Activities
Presented by: Bonnie Massimino, MEd, BCET

Boundaries Are Us: Promoting Healthy Boundaries for Awesome Learning Environments for ALL
Presented by: Drew Lau-Regent, MA & Pamm Scribner, MEd, BCET

Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices: Teaching Self-Regulation Through Mindfulness to Children & Adolescents
Presented by: Donald D. Matthews, PsyD

Saturday Sessions - 11/5/2022

Assistive Technology for Supporting Individuals With Memory and Executive Functioning Deficits
Presented by: Thomas Lyles, MEd

Strengths and Talents Rock! Tools That Reveal Our Cognitively Diverse Learners at Their Best
Presented by: Cynthia Z. Hansen, EdD, ET/P

3D Bridge From Phonemic Awareness to Reading: Effective Ways to Teach Essential Skills
Presented by: Mary-Margaret Scholtens, MSE & Kelly Fowler

Impact of the Educational Therapist's Therapeutic Relationship on Learning: Replacing the "Bad," "Stupid," "Lazy," and "Crazy" Incorrect Self-Diagnoses with Success
Presented by: Sheryl Pruitt, MEd, ET/P

Math Anxiety and Stereotype Threat: The Role of Emotion in Math Learning
Presented by: Cristina Post, EdM

The Susan Fogelson Ethics Panel
Facilitator: Judy Brennan, MEd, BCET, FAET
Panelists: Jennifer Doyle, MEd, BCET, Ann Gordon PhD, BCET, Diana Black Kennedy, MA, BCET, Gaye Pettibone, MA, PsyD, BCET

Building a Share Reality: Using Classroom Simulations to Destigmatize Academic Accommodations
Presented by: Annie Tornabene, MEd

Social Communication in College and Beyond: Supporting Young Adults' Social-Emotional Learning
Presented by: Laurel Grigg Mason, MA & Roxanna Samaniego, PhD

Creating Systems & Structures That REALLY Work With Complex Children, Teens, and Young Adults
Presented by: Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC & Jenny Aguilar, MEd, ET/P

Infodoodling: A Spoonful of Sugar
Presented by: Jill Howe, MA

Sunday Sessions - 11/6/2022

Business Practices for Educational Therapsits: Part One - Solo Practioner Panel
Presented by: Bonnie Massimino MEd, BCET, Kara Scanlon, MEd, ET/P, Stefan Oste - Moderated by: Sean McCormick, MEd, ET/P


Business Practices for Educational Therapsits: Part Two - Group Practioner Panel
Presented by: Daniel Franklin, PhD, BCET, Jenny Aguilar, MEd, ET/P, Elizabeth Norwood, MA - Moderated by: Sean McCormick, MEd, ET/P

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