Sarah Cheyette, MD is a pediatric neurologist, who specializes in treating ADHD patients. She graduated cum laude in Cognitive Neuroscience from Princeton University and received her medical degree from the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. Following specialty training in pediatrics at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and in pediatric neurology at Seattle Children’s Hospital she now practices at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation where she focuses on treating ADHD in both children and adults. Dr. Cheyette has written three books on ADHD including:  ADHD and the Focused Mind (co-written with a karate master Peter Johnson and her husband, a psychiatrist Ben Cheyette, MD/PhD), Winning with ADHD aimed at preteens, teens and young adults (co-written with Grace Friedman, is a young woman who deals successfully with ADHD herself), and ADHD & Me for children learning about ADHD

Workshop Description

Coaching ADHD:
Using the secrets of world class athletes to help your clients reach their potential
Presented by: Sarah Cheyette, MD

Do you want the power of the Olympic coaches to help bring forth your client’s best performance?  This workshop on ADHD will demystify this complex subject and give you actionable steps to help both you—and your clients—feel empowered... learn more here.



Saturday, February 26, 2022
All times listed are in PST

8:00 AM: Workshop begins- Welcome / Introduction / Brief overview of AET
8:10 AM: Part I
9:55 AM: 15 min. Q&A
10:10 AM:
 20 min. break
10:30 AM: Part II
12:15 PM: 15 min. Q&A
12:30 PM: Presentation concludes

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