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AET Webinar

The Impact of Digital Media:
A Conversation with Maryanne Wolf, Ph.D.
January 19th, 2022 | 10 AM - 11 AM PDT

Presented by: Maryanne Wolf, Ph.D.
Facilitated by: Elizabeth Lutsky, M.A., BCET

LA Virtual Workshop

Writing: From Encoding to Empowerment

Presented by: Diana Kennedy, MA, BCET


During this presentation, participants will examine the foundations of writing, including spelling instruction, and the levels of writing competence that lead to big picture opportunities to influence the thinking of others. Best practices for writing instruction and their neurobiological underpinnings will be discussed. Specifically, participants will examine the effects of learning disorders on the various ages and stages of writing skill development and the instructional practices that promote achievement. This workshop will also include a discussion of the science that links growth in social-emotional learning to the writing process. A framework for integrating process and skill with the development of social-emotional competencies will be presented.

Participants will be able to:

  • List the four levels of writing (word, sentence, paragraph, and composition) and describe the components of each.
  • Explain the possible breakdowns at each writing level and connect them to implicated learning disabilities and processes. 
  • Describe the effects of ADHD and Executive Functioning on each level of writing and evaluate potential remediation strategies. 
  • Integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) with writing instruction.

Meet the presenter:
Screenshot 1Diana Black Kennedy is a Board Certified Educational Therapist in private practice in San Anselmo, California. She works with neurodiverse students, including those with learning disabilities and challenges, and those diagnosed as twice exceptional. Diana’s prior teaching experience spans second grade through high school in rural, urban, and suburban settings and in public and private schools. She has presented to professionals across the county and internationally, and she blogs about education at www.MindSparkLearning.com.

Disclosure: Financial – Diana Kennedy receives an honorarium from AET. Nonfinancial – No relevant relationships to disclose.

Viewers will have full access to this five and one-half hour workshop, recorded in four parts, from May 15-May 31. To receive continuing education credit from any of our allied professional providerships (ASHA, NASP or BBS*), you must complete both an evaluation form and a short assessment after viewing the entire presentation.  Your submission of both forms is due to us no later than June 1, 2020. AET members may record their attendance in their continuing education log.

Quiz & Evaluation form links:
Follow Up Quiz
Workshop Evaluation

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This program is offered for 0.55 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area)

This program is offered for: 

  • AET: 5.5 CE hours
  • ASHA: 0.55 CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area) 
  • NASP: 5.5 hours of CPD 
  • BBS (through NASP): 5.5 CE hours

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