Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR has 37 years of practice as an occupational therapist. She worked in the public schools until 2002 when she started The Handwriting Clinic in Plano, Texas. She is the clinical director currently is providing teletherapy services.

Jan is the author of the First Strokes Handwriting Programs and she has created over 300 products for fine motor and handwriting skills in The Fine Motor Store. Her passion is building a bridge between therapy and the classroom and home.

Financial – Jan McCleskey receives an honorarium from AET
Nonfinancial – No relevant relationships to disclose.



Stacey Buck MA, CCC/SLP/L, is an ASHA certified and Illinois and Michigan licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, who has enjoyed over 20 years of success in helping children gain underlying foundational skills as well as compensatory strategies in order to make school easier for them. Stacey is highly experienced in teaching general and special education students both individually and in team-teaching, and this classroom experience is only one of the many ways she is able to help prepare children for social and academic achievement. 

In her private practice, Stacey works with children from preschool through college-age and their families, and consults with teachers and other professionals on the child's team.

Financial – Stacey receives an honorarium from AET. 
Nonfinancial – Stacey is the AET Chair of Allied Professional Committee.

Workshop Descriptions

Dysgraphia Solutions for 2nd Grade and Above
Presented by: Jan McCleskey

This inservice will discuss different symptoms and types of dysgraphia, as well as possible solutions for fine motor, visual motor and written expression. Static versus dynamic grasps patterns will be discussed with techniques for interventions... learn more here.


Embracing Language Samples - The Most Effective Tool
Presented by: Stacey Buck

What free assessment can be used for creating goals as well as monitoringWhat free assessment can be used for creating goals as well as monitoring progress? Language samples! Reviewing the 5 areas of language (syntax,morphology, semantics, phonology, and pragmatics) and delving into sentence structure and vocabulary, participants will hopefully gain a new perspective onthe oral and written language skills of their students... learn more here.



Save the Date!
Friday, February 12, 2021
All times listed are in CST

9:00 AM:Workshop begins
9:05 AM: Presentation begins
10:30 AM: 10 min. break
11:45 PM: Presentation concludes
11:45 PM: Lunch
12:30 PM: Presentation resumes
2:00 PM: 10 min. break
3:15 PM: Presentation concludes
3:15 PM: Post workshop 'Hang Out'


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