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The Association of Educational Therapists (AET) is here to help you find a Board Certified Educational Therapist (BCET®), an Educational Therapist Professional (ET/P®), an Associate Educational Therapist, or an Allied Professional member of the Association using our directory. You can find out more about these levels of distinction by clicking here. Besides searching for a therapist whose specializations meet your particular needs, you can now refine your search to include sessions in languages other than English and the opportunity to work virtually (e-practice), in-person, or via hybrid sessions.

When Selecting an Educational Therapist, ask about...

  • educational background, training, and experience.
  • areas of specialization.
  • short-term objectives and long-range goals for the client.
  • approaches and techniques for intervention.
  • fee structure and policies.
  • Associate ET, ET/Professional, or Board Certified membership in the Association of Educational Therapists.

Disclaimer of Warranties And Liabilities

AET's online professional database lists Associate Educational Therapist, Educational Therapist/ Professional (ET/P®), Board Certified Educational Therapist (BCET®), and Allied Professional members of the Association. It is a resource to assist members of the public to identify and select educational therapists and allied professionals who are qualified by education, training, and experience to be providers of educational therapy.

The only permitted uses of this database are for:

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