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Membership Levels for AET

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Associate Educational Therapist membership is open to individuals who have completed all academic requirements as outlined in the membership application. You will be added as a General Member immediately while you compile your documentation required to be approved. General Member dues will be applied to your Associate dues once you are approved.  Learn more about the benefits of becoming an Associate ET Member by clicking here.

  • One-Time Application Fee: $35.00
  • Upfront General Membership Dues: $125.00
  • Remaining Associate Dues (Once approved): $100.00

$35/application + $125 General Membership fee. This will be applied to your Associate membership fee total of $260 after approval.


Student membership is open to students who can show proof of enrollment in a university or college program pertaining to Educational Therapy. Student classification is good for two membership terms of one year each.  Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Student Member by clicking here.

  • $50/year

General Member

General membership is open to any individual interested in the field of educational therapy. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a General Member by clicking here.

  • $125/year

Allied Professional

Allied Professional membership is open to any licensed professional who works with learning disabled individuals in professions that interface with educational therapy (e.g., psychologists, pediatricians, speech and language therapists, school and/or learning center directors, etc.). Proof of the applicant's license or professional verification is required.  Learn more about the benefits of becoming am Allied Professional Member by clicking here.

  • $150/year

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