By giving a little, you will help a lot by growing into our future with us.

AET provides a unique service to its members and to the community by defining and setting standards for the professional practice of educational therapy. To maintain and uphold our mission, which was began more than 44 years ago, we continue to rely on your generous donations. Your support provides professional advancement to talented ET practitioners who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of their clients. 

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Why Give?

All contributions make a difference.

We sincerely appreciate your support and commitment to our goals, and of course, to our AET community.

“AET has been an invaluable resource to me over the years that I have been a member. Without AET, I wouldn’t be the successful Educational Therapist that I am today. I give to AET in gratitude and appreciation of the quality of this organization.”

-AET Member

Donation Levels

Sustainer • $3,000+
Benefactor • $1,500-$2,999
Champion • $1,000-$1,499
Patron • $500-$999
Advocate • $200-$499
Supporter • $20-$199

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TAX INFORMATION: Your contribution makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
*Contributions made to AET are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
AET's federal tax I.D. is 95-3371119

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Elizabeth Douge
Sandra Mosk
Alice Pulliam
Kaye Ragland
Ellen Opell
Lori Dver


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William Ash
Nan Freund
Eva Sandler
Caroline Towery



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Virginia Erxleben
Donna Smith
Mary Beth Burns
Anne Brussard
Carolyn Patterson
Rebecca O'Brien
Mary O'Malley
Tyler Sack
Vicki Berghoff
Jan Esterkin
Polly Brophy
Nancy Melrose
Marci Peterson
Susan Grama


Jone Bycel
Henry Davis
Jared May
Mia Soper
Alexandra Hokin
Gillian Barreca
Alison Bartlett-Drewicke
Polly Mayer
Victoria Mele
Julie Land
Janet Venable
Pamela Kleinman
Susan Taber
Laurie Fox
Miriam Cantor
Angela Muonio
Marcie Habell
Debbie Doyle
Paula Dufault
Mary Margaret Scholtens
Warren Goldstone
Ann Bryce
Lisa Brackin
Stephanie Hook
Cindy Hansen
Scott Nancarrow
Wynta Nivens
Wendy Lamoreaux
Maria Cecilia Buckley
Anne McRae
Downie Tech
Wilma Scott
Sandra Clifton
Janel Umfress
Sherry Cramer
Kara Scanlon
Anna McDonald
Caitlin Welsh
Mary Marthe
Pamm Scribner
Gail Werbach
Marcy Dann
Elizabeth Vilches
Rachel Rabideau
Jasleen Kaur Monga
Rachel Kalin
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