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Duration: 60 minutes

Preparing for IEP, and Other Meetings With Kaye

This webinar explores the case management role of an educational therapist in the process of preparing themselves, students, and families for IEP, 504, and other team meetings.


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Non-members: FREE

The ADHD Support Blueprint: Ensuring A Smooth Start to Every School Semester

In the webinar, "The ADHD Support Blueprint: Ensuring A Smooth Start To Every School Semester," attendees will gain invaluable insights and strategies for guiding students with ADHD toward successful semester outcomes and transferable skills that will support future transitions.


Members: $15.00
Non-members: $25.00

Help Students Fight Misinformation One Click at a Time

Support students to develop healthy skepticism without turning into cynics as they gain vital online research and reasoning skills.


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Non-members: FREE

Approaching Ethical Dilemmas: A Framework for Anticipating, Analyzing, and Addressing Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice


Members: $15.00
Non-members: $25.00

Using Math Games to Develop Number Sense, Combat Anxiety, & Differentiate Instruction

Join BCET Diana Kennedy to learn how and why games are key to teaching math, and most importantly, to learn a whole bunch of them!


Members: $15.00
Non-members: $15.00