How Did AET Begin?

The Legacy of AET Wisdom from Assoc Ed Therapists on Vimeo.



  • California Association of Educational Therapists (CAET) incorporated

  • First Annual Conference and general membership meeting held

  • Association of Educational Therapists (AET) incorporated 

  • Certified Educational Therapist (CET) criteria adopted 

  • First Advisory Board meeting held

  • Study Groups established in California

  • Educational therapy training programs at universities established 

  • IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status granted

  • Code of Ethics initially adopted

  • The Educational Therapist professional journal first published 


  • “Educational Therapy Defined” published in The Educational Therapist journal defining the profession’s scope of practice

  • Psychoeducational Perspectives by Dorothy Ungerleider published by AET  

  • Website, www.aetonline.org, launched

  • AET logo adopted

  • Study Groups expanded nationally 


  • AET accepted by the American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA) as approved continuing education provider

  • Board Certificated Educational Therapist with registered mark of BCET® established to replace CET and registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office 

  • AET accepted for membership in the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD)

    • Participation in National Roundtable on Learning Disabilities begun

    • Educational therapy written into No Child Left Behind (NCLB) 

    • NJCLD position paper on the NCLB written with AET participation 

    • Response to Intervention criteria for defining learning disabilities proposed

    • Represented at a national forum on Response to Intervention

  • AET Invited to participate in National Center for Learning Disabilities Roundtable in Washington

  • Educational therapy included in new regulations for Reauthorization of IDEA

  • First Virtual Study Group launched reaching a national audience

  • Educational Therapy Institute (ETI) ® established

  • Professional Membership renamed Educational Therapist/Professional with the registered mark of ET/P®


  • New AET logo adopted

  • Textbook, The Clinical Practice of Educational Therapy: A Teaching Model first edition published, creating a uniform resource for the training of educational therapists, followed by second edition: The Clinical Practice of Educational Therapy: Learning and Functioning with Diversity

  • Dorothy Ungerleider Award established

  • Webinars offered to members and the public

  • “The Legacy of AET Wisdom” video produced

  • Tagline: “Empowering Professionals. Nurturing Learners.” adopted


  • Statement of commitment developed by Social Justice working group 

  • Nan Freund Distinguished Service Award established

  • First Virtual Annual National Conference convened 

  • Vision, Mission, and Core Values adopted

  • Website redesigned

  • Educational Therapy Institute (ETI)® re-established

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