Each year, AET accepts nominations for three distinct awards established to honor individuals who shine the brightest amongst us - people who make the Association and its members better - a better organization and better educational therapists. These awards are considered on a yearly basis, but are only awarded if a nominee is deemed worthy.  If you are interested in nominating someone, please follow the process detailed below by September 18th.

The Dorothy Ungerleider Award

The Dorothy Ungerleider Award, established in honor of our founder’s imagination and initiative, may be given to a deserving person who has made exceptional contributions to the field of educational therapy. The recipient of the award does not have to be a member of the Association. The honoree may be nominated by any Board member and must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors. There is no requirement on how frequently the award is given.

Past Winners

2022 • George McCloskey, PhD
2021 • Beverly Borine, MA, BCET®, FAET
2008 • Barbara Keogh, EdD, BCET®, FAET
2006 • Jane Holmes Bernstein, PhD
2005 • Richard A. Mesaros, PhD and Michael E. Spagna PhD
2004 • Rasjidah Franklin, PhD
2003 • Barbara Cull

Nan Freund Distinguished Service Award

This award, established in honor of Nan Freund, MEd, BCET®, FAET, may be given to a deserving person who, like Nan, has exhibited an unwavering commitment and steadfast loyalty to the Association of Educational Therapists and the profession of educational therapy.

Past Winners

2023 • Marion Marshall MS, BCET®, FAET
2022 • Risa Graff, MA, BCET®, FAET
2021 • Dorothy Ungerleider, MA, BCET®, FAET
2020 • Nan Freund, MEd, BCET®, FAET

Fellow of the Association of Educational Therapists (FAET)

The honorary designation, Fellow of the Association of Educational Therapists (FAET), may be awarded to a Board Certified Educational Therapist (BCET®) or an Educational Therapist/Professional (ET/P®) member, including Retire ET/P® or BCET®, for exceptional work performed on behalf of the Association and the profession. Nominations may be submitted by any BCET® or ET/P® member in good standing and must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

FAET Recipients

Jane Adelizzi, PhD, BCET®
Beverly Borine, MS, BCET®
Judith Brennan, MEd, BCET®
Jone Bycel, MS, BCET®
Lynne Cook, PhD
Sherry Cramer, MS, ET/P®
Barbara Cull, MA, ET/P®
Marcy Dann, MA, BCET®
Deborah Doyle, MA, ET/P®
Maxine Ficksman, MA, BCET®
Susan Fogelson, MA, BCET®*
Nan Freund, MEd, BCET®
Caren Gitlin, MEd, BCET®
Risa Graff, MA, BCET®
Susan Grama, MA, CCC-SLP, ET/P®
Ann Kaganoff, PhD, BCET®
Karen Kass, PhD, LMFT, BCET®*
Barbara Kornblau, EdD, BCET®
Marion Marshall, MS, BCET®
Mary F. Marthe, MS, BCET®
Beverly Metcalf, MS, BCET®*
Phyllis Maslow, PhD
Sandra Mosk, MEd, BCET®
Ellen Opell, MA, BCET®
Alice Pulliam, MA, BCET®
Kaye Ragland, EdD, LMFT, BCET®
Jeanette Rivera, MA, BCET®
Selma G. Sapir, EdD
Linda Schwarz, MA, BCET®
Carole Slucki, MS, BCET®
Janet Switzer, PhD*
Dorothy Ungerleider, MA, BCET®
Gail Werbach, MA, BCET®

* deceased


How To Nominate

The Dorothy Ungerleider Award:

If you are a current Board member you may nominate someone for The Dorothy Ungerleider Award.


Nan Freund Distinguished Service Award:

If you are a member in good standing, you may nominate an ET/P® or BCET® (who has been a member for a minimum of 10 years) for the Nan Freund Distinguished Service Award.


Fellow of the Association of Educational Therapists (FAET):

If you are an ET/P® or BCET® in good standing, you may nominate an ET/P® or BCET® for the honorary designation Fellow of the Association of Educational Therapists (FAET).



  • Nominations are made in writing (electronically or by mail) and submitted to the Secretary of AET at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., chair of the Awards Committee, by September 18th.
  • Nominations are made in the form of a letter, written over a single signature or multiple signatures, expressing the collective weight and significance of the nominee’s career.
  • The Awards Committee will acknowledge receipt of the nomination to the principal nominator(s), review all nominations, and forward their final recommendation to the President for a Board vote. The names of the other nominees shall remain confidential.
  • Unsuccessful nominations may be resubmitted the following year with updated documentation and supporting letters.

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