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Welcome To The Association Of Educational Therapists’ Website!

Our newly revamped website is designed for Parents and CommunityAllied Professionals, and of course, Members. We hope you’ll find this site easy to navigate. 

If you are a parent or potential client; click on the orange quick access portal.  Discover what an educational therapist (ET) is and why you or your child might benefit from working with an ET.  Learn about the levels of professionalism within our organization and why working with a member of AET is important.  You have access to AET’s directory where you can search for an ET.  The directory has been enhanced allowing you to refine your search to your specifications. 

If you are an Allied Professional; click on the green quick access portal. Here you will find information about a myriad of learning opportunities:  workshops (in-person), webinars (virtual) and the annual national conference (virtual).  Read about how to best coordinate with ETs to support your clients.  We have many allied professionals who are members of AET and we encourage your membership. Perhaps a career in educational therapy is where you are headed!  Information about membership is available in this section for your convenience.

Whether your membership title is Student, Associate, Professional, BCET®, Allied, or Retired, we have enhanced this website for you!  

  • As soon as you arrive, there is a calendar, so you easily know when webinars, workshops, conferences and study groups are meeting. 
  • The “About” section now includes much more information about who we are as an organization, our history, our guiding tenets, and our current leadership.  Award winners and member spotlights are also located here.
  • Take a look at the practice support section - what we endearingly called our Life Cycle Project.  No matter where you are in your practice, we have material to help you along.
  • We strived to better communicate the steps of how to go from Student to Associate to Professional to BCET® member. 
  • We have added more search fields in our directories so potential clients can make more detailed searches. 
  • We have made the webinars more easily searchable. 
  • Committee and Board members – you are now able to access our GNP site as soon as you log in to the website!
  • But wait, there’s more!  Enjoy exploring!

Many thanks to all of the working groups who helped us launch this website - from site map builders, to branding and design groups, to content writers, to proofreaders.  This was truly a team project and we hope it serves AET, its members, parents and community, and allied professionals for years to come.

Thanks for visiting!

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Lori K. Dver, MA, BCET®
AET President


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