Student Membership

The Student Membership is open to all students who can verify they are enrolled in a university or college program, leading to qualification at the Associate ET Membership.

  • Proof of enrollment, in the form of enrollment documents from school, required. Copies of class schedules accepted. 
  • Online application available; must be followed up by supplying proof of enrollment within 30 days of joining. (Membership cancelled after 30 days if proof of enrollment not received by the office.)
  • Student classification is good for two membership terms of one year each, after which new proof of ongoing school enrollment must be provided.

Benefits of a Student Membership

  • Discounted yearly dues of $50
  • Additional discounts to AET events, including workshops and conferences
  • Professional networking and support
  • The Educational Therapist Journal
  • Local and Virtual Study Groups
  • Access to the Members’ Center on the AET website
  • Electronic copy of the AET Professional Directory
  • $100 discount on first year Associate ET membership dues

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