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As a service to members, other professionals, and parents, AET hosts live webinars covering a wide variety of topics related to educational therapy. New webinars are added on a regular basis, recorded and made available to members and the public in the Webinar Archive.

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Upcoming Webinars


Date: Thursday, May 13th, 2021
Start time: 12:00 pm CDT, 10:00 am PDT
Duration: 60 minutes

Feedback that Empowers: Communicating Assessment Results and Intervention Plans to Students and Parents

Karen Wilson, PhD

Members: $15.00
Non-members: $25.00

Recent Webinars

Duration: 60 minutes

Navigating Relationships with Parents and Students: How Do I Begin?

Ann Gordon, PhD, BCET & Risa Graph, MA, BCET, FAET

Navigating Relationships with Parents and Students: How Do I Begin?

Ann Gordon, PhD, BCET & Risa Graph, MA, BCET, FAET

This webinar will offer guidance on ways to think about these first contacts and practical approaches that get the work of building relationships off to the best possible start.


Members: $15.00
Non-members: $25.00

Duration: 60 minutes

How To “Do” School In 4 Steps

Sean McCormick, M.Ed.

Do you want students to know how to make a to do list that works for them?
Do you want students to feel more successful after an Educational Therapy session?
In Sean’s “How to ‘Do’ School In 4 Steps” presentation, he will show you his replicable process for keeping your students organized, prepared, and on-task.


Members: $15.00
Non-members: $25.00

Duration: 120 minutes

Working with the Fifth Dimension: How Choices in the “Me-Space” Change the “We-Space” to Add Calm and Resilience for Ourselves and Our Clients

Carolyn McVickar Edwards, M.Ed., BCET

Beyond the first four dimensions of our practices – quality of presence; diagnostic observations; offerings; and expenditures of time and energy – lies the “fifth dimension” – the “we-space.” We-space is the overlap of our own “me-space” with the client’s “you-space.” Working consciously with the me-space can lead to better self-care and wiser clinical choices.


Members: $25.00
Non-members: $40.00

Duration: 150 minutes

Susan Fogelson Ethics Workshop

Educational therapists periodically encounter practice dilemmas that must be handled ethically and effectively. Have you ever struggled to resolve a disagreement with a parent, teacher, or allied professional? Do you find it difficult to manage boundaries when faced with a parent who demands excessive time and drains your emotional energy? What useful information might you learn by analyzing your feelings about that parent? Who can you consult for advice and support? Business practices can also present ethical dilemmas. Is it difficult for you to set fees or discuss fee collection with clients? How do you represent yourself professionally on your business cards, website, or brochures? How do you adapt your practice to an online format?

Participants will be able to generate solutions when there are disagreements between educational therapists and other professionals or parents; decide when professional consultation is needed in order to understand and maintain boundaries that promote healthy relationships with difficult parents; and identify areas of business practice that often present us with practical and/or ethical dilemmas.


Members: $50.00
Non-members: $80.00

Duration: 90 minutes

An Educational Therapist’s Guide to Understanding and Negotiating the Legal System

Presented by: Michael Puhl, Esq.

This webinar will provide practical advice when first engaging a client, including intake, consent forms, assessments, and ensuring payment for any possible court-related services. Michael Puhl, Esq., will discuss how to take, keep and disclose progress notes, diagnostic testing results, and confidential client records. He will share guidance on what to expect should you have to appear in the courtroom and how to provide effective testimony.


Members: $20.00
Non-members: $35.00